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A New Facility to Celebrate a Very Rich Legacy
The Cupids Legacy Centre takes shape

In 2010, the Cupids 400 celebrations will feature the opening of the new Cupids Legacy Centre. This state of the art facility will offer an innovative and interactive museum experience unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Cupids Legacy Centre

Click on the pictures below for additional perspectives of the Cupids Legacy Centre

  Cupids Legacy Centre Cupids Legacy Centre Cupids Legacy Centre

The Centre will be a place “Where the Present Meets the Past” – a place where visitors are encouraged to explore the exotic nature of our landscapes, our waterscapes, our cultural heritage and our people – a place where visitors are encouraged to pause and reflect on their heritage…. our common heritage and perhaps…. in the process of reflection …discover something about themselves. Those who visit this place will be invited to explore the legacies left by their ancestors and will be motivated to ponder their own legacies.

Illuminating the rich tapestry of history and culture that has defined Cupids' place at the nexus of Canadian history, the Cupids Legacy Centre will represent a permanent home to a vast heritage that echoes in every field and cove of this remarkable place.

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